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Here are the parameters to increase your chances of getting an IPO

The Indian equity market is buzzing with five initial public offerings (IPOs) issues opening as well as closing this week. The five IPO issues included Tata Technologies Ltd, Flair Writing Industries Ltd, Fedbank Financial Services Ltd, Gandhar Oil Refinery India Ltd, and Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd. This has led to many questions about IPOs. Livemint answers questions like how to apply for an IPO, what to keep in mind while buying an IPO and more.

How to increase your chances of getting an IPO?

"Due to the lottery-based allocation system, applying through multiple applications (e.g., family members) can be more advantageous than a single application. For HNI investors, the strategy should be based on two key parameters: the number of unique applications and the total quantum of subscriptions," Viral Shah, Head – Equity Brokerage, 360 ONE Wealth.

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